About AMN & Stay Lean

Stay Lean:  Brings you a new cutting edge formula that promises to deliver fitness nutrition of the highest quality. Our product is based on the most recent science with proven clinical dosages.  We take pride in an Ethos which echoes a transparency that is true to the content, ingredient and label.  We will never compromise on formulas, ingredient  or taste. Let’s face it, this could be the best health & fitness formula in the world but if it doesn’t taste great, you won’t drink it.

Stay Lean Burn Is formulated using only the finest and most potent nutritional extracts. With the proven power of caffeine anhydrous along with botanical extracts it is designed to enhance and support your FOCUS, METABOLISM and ENERGY  Use only as directed and as part of an approved exercise regime and food plan to maximise your results.

This product has been designed to help kick start your stay lean program. You will only see results to your physique by committing to a healthy lifestyle!  Our product will simply support this.