MetaBlack M3 RAD140 Testolone 60 Caps



MetaBlack RAD140 is a Nonsteroidal Selective Andogen Receptor Modulator (SARM) and was created to be used as a safer alternative to testosterone therapy. It has a 90:1 anabolic to androgenic ratio so is more anabolic than testosterone meaning more muscle building effects and faster recovery from training without the negative effects of testosterone. One of the main benefits of RAD140 due to its high affinity for muscle receptors is that it helps signal the body to rapidly build muscle tissue. To optimise the benefits you must ensure you are consuming enough enough protein to support the increased metabolic demand and support the growth of new muscle tissue. Another benefit of RAD140 is that it will improve your metabolic parameters stimulating fat loss. It is one of the most effective SARMS for helping to hold on to muscle tissue and remain vascular whilst in a calorie deficit. Some users find they can even gain muscle tissue and strength during a cutting cycle. Using only the highest quality pharmaceutical grade RAD140 so even experienced users will not have to exceed recommended dosages.

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