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Ibutamoren – Oral Growth Hormone Release
Looking for a long acting and potent Growth Hormone release that develops solid muscle mass and works? A Growth Hormone that is taken orally without the need to use needles? And a Growth Hormone that is a proven Therapy for both Children and Adults? If so…. Ibutamoren (MK-677) is the perfect choice for you!

Ibutamoren, otherwise known as MK-677 (developmental name) is one of the best, none invasive growth hormone release substances currently in the market and is proven to be one of the best for active Adults looking to build up lean, solid muscle mass and more importantly maintain this. Up until recently, many people have been using various GH substances which have in time proven to work, however they have come with some negative effects, are very timely and come in injection form of which require several injections a day. MK-677 on the other hand has proven results and is a simple substance that is taken orally and immediately sends messages to your Pituitary gland to secrete more growth hormone.
The benefits of MK-677 in our purest form are endless and proven. Whether you are looking to lose weight, whether you are looking to become leaner or increase muscle mass or if you are simply looking to slow the functional decline or reduce the risks of arthritis or osteoporosis from the age of around 60, then MK-677 is the perfect product for you. Not only does it assist in the above there are many other benefits, these benefits include:
Properties within it that are healing to the body from superficial healing such as skin tightening through to healing of ligaments, bones, and tendons
The increase of bone mineral density in older Adults, this resulting in the reduced risk of developing any future degenerative musculoskeletal or bone conditions
The storage of less fat. In simple terms, the more calories that you consume within any 24 hour period the more that these calories will be stored within your body as fat, MK-677 can deposit these left-over calories into your muscles, thus resulting in muscle growth rather than fat growth
Stopping Nitrogen wasting which is breaking down your muscles to use as energy which again will increase muscle mass
Fast and effective results for Adults looking to build solid muscle mass and lose weight if used in conjunction with exercise or the gym
Many people in the past have found that the use of Human Growth Hormones is a very long winded but also a costly option that can also have various negative effects on your body and your health. These include reducing the HPA production which in turn can affect the body in several ways, including lowering levels of sex hormones, constantly feeling hungry which can result in weight gain, chronic liver disease and other issues, however MK-677 does not have any of these side effects.
Other GH releasers and alternatives to MK-677 include Creatine which is excellent at increasing muscle strength but does not affect the growth hormones in the body. Also, Ipamorelin is an injectable growth hormone releasing substance like MK-677 and has been proven to promote bone growth as does GHRP-6 however the main difference is that these two substances need to be injected and multiple times during the day. The down side of the injections are not just the hassles that come with it but also the fact it is not as steady release as the oral option (MK-677). The importance of a steady release oral option is that the release and peak of GH hormones will be more continuous and your diet does not have to be as planned as taking it via injection, plus you do not have to carry injections around with you all day!
There have been many studies completed that have compared GH releasers such as Ipamorelin to MK-677 and in simple terms injection GH releasers has resulted in only short term benefits with peaks and troughs, almost as though the body becomes increasingly immune to it but in a short amount of time. This compared to MK-677 which continues to see a consistent benefit over an ongoing and long period of time. Further details of studies and experiments like this can be seen here –
In conclusion, it is important to have a life where your mind and body is healthy and strong, whether you are looking to gain muscle or become more lean, looking to lose weight and enjoy an healthier lifestyle, or you are aged 60-65 and want to prevent muscle and bone degeneration then the MK-677 is the best solution out there for you.


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